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20 Reasons to Review Phone Solutions in 2020

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

There's a common saying, "We don't know what we don't know."

This is absolutely true when it comes to technology with so much changing so rapidly. With critical communications tools like phone solutions, these can support or hinder operational and strategic plans.

Businesses and organizations of all sizes can benefit from understanding all that's available to ensure they have the best fit phone solutions and support.

Old phone

Check out the top 20 reasons why businesses and organizations should review the phone solutions (systems, software, services) and support every 2-3 years, if not annually.

OPERATIONS AND GROWTH 1. Growing and hiring new employees 2. Moving or renovating offices 3. Opening new office locations 4. Expanding into new markets nationally and perhaps internationally

PEOPLE AND COLLABORATION 5. Limited tools allowing teams to seamlessly communicate and collaborate 6. Attracting talent and increasing employee engagement offering remote working options 7. Staff works remotely full-time or part-time 8. Initiatives focused on elevating customer experiences 9. Limited or no ability to track, monitor, manage, and improve phone call activity with data

CURRENT PHONE SOLUTIONS 10. Call quality issues or significant downtime with the phone system or phone service 11. Phone system is 10+ years old or approaching ‘end of life’ 12. Functionality of the phone system is limiting or not supporting growth, people, and customer experience goals 13. Hardware or software of the phone system is 'no longer supported' by the manufacturer 14. Lack of flexibility or overspending on traditional one-size-fits-all phone service (POTS/PRI/T1)

CURRENT VENDOR SERVICE, SUPPORT, AND PARTNERSHIP 15. Company’s expertise is in other services (IT/MSP/AV/Cyber Security) with telecom as an ‘add-on’ offering 16. Company is large, impersonal, and transaction-based (think Comcast, Vonage, RingCentral, Windstream, etc.) 17. Calls into support require talking to multiple people/departments, several minutes on-hold, and at times no resolution

18. Calls or emails to support result in a ‘ticket’ which you need to proactively follow up on to ensure a request was received or completed

19. Service or support requests take more than 24 hours to complete 20. After calling into support, you need Advil and a nap

Know a business or organization that could benefit from understanding the benefits of reviewing the current phone system, software, service, and support? Let them know about our local, full-service telecom company at Recent Communications, Inc.

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Oct 03, 2019

In my opinion, the best phone system we should go for is a VoIP based such as an office phone system or a hosted phone system or business phone system.



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