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5 Benefits of Upgrading Your Phone System

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

It’s not uncommon for organizations to maintain phone systems for 10, 15, and 20+ years as this technology has been a reliable tool. Common basic features include extension dialing, on-hold, ring/hunt groups, and voicemail.

Phone system features today can allow for increased revenue, enhanced business operations, upgraded customer experiences, and increased employee productivity.

Benefits of upgrading your phone system

Think about how your organization currently utilizes the phone system and if you have features like:

  • Getting voicemails to email

  • Connecting cell phones to act as desk phone extensions when on the road or working remotely

  • Automated call routing for departments or individuals during or after business hours

  • After hours messaging with simple options for the caller

  • On-hold promotional messaging

  • Caller ID log to view dialed, missed, and received calls

These features are considered ‘basic’ as it relates to phone solutions available today. Think about how enhancing your phone system may support opportunities to provide better customer support, allow potential new clients to get information immediately resulting in increased revenue, or allowing remote working options to support increased employee productivity and happiness.

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