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Best Practices: How to use Automated Attendants

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

An automated attendant (auto attendant or AA) is an audible menu of options where callers select a prompt to determine where a call goes. Calls can route to specific extensions, multiple extensions, external phone numbers, voicemail boxes, and more.

"Thank you for calling ABC Company. If you know your party's extension, you may dial it at anytime. For a dial by name directory, press star. For sales, press 1. For support, press 2. If you would like to speak with an operator, press 0."

Sound familiar? This is an example of a very basic automated attendant which also gives the caller an option to speak with a live person.

If designed well, auto attendants can support optimal caller experiences and improve staff productivity. If designed poorly, it leads to a bad experience and a potential loss of revenue.

Check out our top 6 best practices when using an automated attendant with your business phone system.

Whether an automated attendant replaces a live person answering incoming phone calls to your business, or is added as another option for callers to get an immediate response, auto attendants can support optimal caller experiences and improve staff productivity if designed well.

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