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Recent Communications is partnering with GroundWork Consulting to offer the very best VoIP phone solutions backed by a regional partner to help fuel your business.

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Save Time. Save Money. Cloud phone systems typically use your existing internet connection to make and take phone calls. Gone are the days where you need multiple, dedicated, costly phone lines. Moves, adds and changes are simple, and updates are automatic.

Easy to setup. Business phone system setup is simple because we use your existing wiring. Because of this simplicity your business saves on installation costs.

Management. You don't need to be a telecommunications expert to make every day routing changes to your phone system. Pop open a web browser in the office or remote and you're ready to go.

Robust Features. Out of the box features like voicemail to email or mobile app or advanced features like business SMS provide your business with the edge to compete. Expert VoIP providers can help you understand their capabilities and how to deploy them properly.

Scalability. Cloud, hosted PBX and VoIP solutions can seamlessly add devices across locations or remote offices without incurring large upfront costs.

Geo-redundancy. A cloud phone system typically resides in multiple, geo-dispersed data centers. Our business VoIP solution offers real-time server replication to prevent against hardware failures or data center outages.

A VoIP phone system relies on your existing internet connection to make and take phone calls. Unreliable landlines or expensive PRI services are no longer required for a quality connection. With a cloud system, "phone closet" equipment doesn't exist. Instead, VoIP providers manage all the hardware and services remotely in geographically dispersed locations or data centers. In the past, upgrades to your hardware was an expensive task, but with a system managed in the cloud all updates occur automatically to provide the most advanced features and performance for our customers in the Philadelphia region.

What is a VoIP Phone System?

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In today's world, desk phones are a luxury. Internet or cloud phone solutions allow for flexibility from a device perspective. People these days are mobile, so your phone system should be too. With options to use mobile apps and softphones to transfer calls, check voicemails, see presence, the desk phone becomes less important during your busy day without sacrificing the needs of your customers. Business VoIP Philadelphia inquiries have seen an uptick as remote opportunities become more prevalent in the workforce. If you're looking for a reliable and feature rich business phone system and located in the Greater Philadelphia region, we can help.



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Is your business ready for VoIP?

Landlines are dead, so why is your business still using them? Thanks to VoIP, your business can use its existing high-speed internet to make and take voice calls. Your company should be cautious of relying on old copper wiring that is no longer maintained. With a VoIP business phone system, you can benefit from lower telecom spend and advanced features to empower your organization through the workday.

VoIP Network Readiness Checklist

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Understand Bandwidth Requirements. Internet bandwidth is not equal. Your internet service provider offers multiple packages, but then delivers different speeds. Understanding your business's bandwidth requirements and how introducing real time applications such as VoIP is essential. If not, bandwidth may affect the quality of your phone calls or impact other applications.

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Test Internet Quality. Not all internet connections are created equal and an increased amount of connection issues like packet loss, latency or jitter can be impactful. Luckily, VoIP providers can help run tests to determine this in advance and assist in correcting the issue prior to installation.

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Determine Network Hardware Needs. A firewall or router is required for VoIP or cloud phone systems for security measures. In many cases, an advanced VoIP router a.k.a Session Border Controller is used for voice segregation, quality of service and additional security features. A POE (power over Ethernet) switch is recommended, but not required as power supplies for each phone works just fine.

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Network Cabling. Cat5 or Cat6 wiring is required at each VoIP phone or device in order to deliver quality and stable connections. Most VoIP phones can use existing network cables to each user's PC. Then, the phone will pass the connection back to the PC, eliminating the need for additional wiring.

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Discuss VoIP Phone Options. Have an internal conversation with your team and your VoIP provider on the available options and your business's specific requirements when it comes to the physical device. There are many options including IP endpoints, mobile apps and desktop softphones.