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An internet connection is the only requirement for business VoIP phone service at your fingertips.

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Why make the switch to VoIP?

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Save Time. Save Money. Cloud phone systems typically use your existing internet connection to make and take phone calls. Gone are the days where you need multiple, dedicated, costly phone lines. Moves, adds and changes are simple, and updates are automatic.

Easy to setup. Business phone system setup is simple because we use your existing wiring. Because of this simplicity your business saves on installation costs.

Management. You don't need to be a telecommunications expert to make every day routing changes to your phone system. Pop open a web browser in the office or remote and you're ready to go.

Robust Features. Out of the box features like voicemail to email or mobile app or advanced features like business SMS provide your business with the edge to compete. Expert VoIP providers can help you understand their capabilities and how to deploy them properly.

Scalability. Cloud, hosted PBX and VoIP solutions can seamlessly add devices across locations or remote offices without incurring large upfront costs.

Geo-redundancy. A cloud phone system typically resides in multiple, geo-dispersed data centers. Our business VoIP solution offers real-time server replication to prevent against hardware failures or data center outages.

A VoIP phone system relies on your existing internet connection to make and take phone calls. Unreliable landlines or expensive PRI services are no longer required for a quality connection. With a cloud system, "phone closet" equipment doesn't exist. Instead, VoIP providers manage all the hardware and services remotely in geographically dispersed locations or data centers. In the past, upgrades to your hardware was an expensive task, but with a system managed in the cloud all updates occur automatically to provide the most advanced features and performance for our customers in the Philadelphia region.

What is a VoIP Phone System?

In today's world, desk phones are a luxury. Internet or cloud phone solutions allow for flexibility from a device perspective. People these days are mobile, so your phone system should be too. With options to use mobile apps and softphones to transfer calls, check voicemails, see presence, the desk phone becomes less important during your busy day without sacrificing the needs of your customers. Business VoIP Philadelphia inquiries have seen an uptick as remote opportunities become more prevalent in the workforce. If you're looking for a reliable and feature rich business phone system and located in the Greater Philadelphia region, we can help.





Is your business ready for VoIP?

Landlines are dead, so why is your business still using them? Thanks to VoIP, your business can use its existing high-speed internet to make and take voice calls. Your company should be cautious of relying on old copper wiring that is no longer maintained. With a VoIP business phone system, you can benefit from lower telecom spend and advanced features to empower your organization through the workday.

VoIP Network Readiness Checklist

Understand Bandwidth Requirements. Internet bandwidth is not equal. Your internet service provider offers multiple packages, but then delivers different speeds. Understanding your business's bandwidth requirements and how introducing real time applications such as VoIP is essential. If not, bandwidth may affect the quality of your phone calls or impact other applications.

Test Internet Quality. Not all internet connections are created equal and an increased amount of connection issues like packet loss, latency or jitter can be impactful. Luckily, VoIP providers can help run tests to determine this in advance and assist in correcting the issue prior to installation.

Determine Network Hardware Needs. A firewall or router is required for VoIP or cloud phone systems for security measures. In many cases, an advanced VoIP router a.k.a Session Border Controller is used for voice segregation, quality of service and additional security features. A POE (power over Ethernet) switch is recommended, but not required as power supplies for each phone works just fine.

Network Cabling. Cat5 or Cat6 wiring is required at each VoIP phone or device in order to deliver quality and stable connections. Most VoIP phones can use existing network cables to each user's PC. Then, the phone will pass the connection back to the PC, eliminating the need for additional wiring.

Discuss VoIP Phone Options. Have an internal conversation with your team and your VoIP provider on the available options and your business's specific requirements when it comes to the physical device. There are many options including IP endpoints, mobile apps and desktop softphones.

Why stay away from

Big Telecom?


We don't have large overhead or shareholders to please. Whether your business comes from a legacy PBX or another voip provider, you can be sure that our prices are highly competitive in the industry.


Understanding your specific requirements and customizing your business phone system adds additional time and resources; something big telecom isn't interested in.


What good are the phones if your staff doesn't know how to use them? What makes us different is that we want your team to be successful. We're not interested in placing phones on desks and walking away.


Incredible response time is the number one reason our customers remain our customers. Simply put, our support is unparalleled and there isn't anyone out there that can match it. Learn more.

Our knowledge and expertise in telecommunications has allowed us to offer small and medium sized businesses with custom voice and contact center solutions. However, our recommended telecommunications products and solutions always come after we understand your requirements. As a trusted PBX vendor for over 20 years, we know the value of customer partnerships.

Collaboration tools are required for your business’s growth. Our phone and voice solutions have found their way to numerous businesses. You'll encounter our voice and PBX solutions in retail locations, real estate groups, financial firms, educational settings, car dealerships, non-profit organizations, call center environments and more.

Emergency on-site repairs to planned upgrades and remote software updates, our certified technicians have the expertise and real-world experience perform the job properly - and the first time. When on-site, we'll provide progress updates and timelines to ensure your team can prepare properly. 


We serve the Greater Philadelphia region and surrounding cities including, but not limited to, King of Prussia, Reading, Malvern, West Chester, Cherry Hill, Norristown, Allentown, Wayne, Plymouth Meeting, Conshohocken, Wilmington, Newtown Square, Bensalem, Lancaster and more. As seasoned VoIP providers, Philadelphia telecom customers can count on unparalleled response times, same day service calls, and next day hardware replacementMaximizing your phone system's uptime and the value it provides to your business is our biggest focus.

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We're here to educate you on how the benefits of a voip phone system can improve your business. 

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VoIP Phone System High Availability and Disaster Recovery

One aspect that is normally overlooked during a cloud phone system design is disaster recovery or business continuityIt doesn’t always have to be a natural disaster that could bring down your voice network. Simple hardware issues, ISP connectivity issues or a power event can bring down your VoIP service. When it comes to cloud PBX, knowledge about DR strategies and solutions is limited.

VoIP Disaster Situations and Recovery Strategies

ISP Failure

The main internet connection goes down for a short or extended period of time.


Utilize a secondary ISP for automatic failover. If no secondary circuit is available, using landlines or employee's mobile devices is an economical backup.

Natural Disaster

A natural occurrence disrupts business at your physical location.


Because cloud phone systems are delivered over the internet, the organization can be up and working in alternate facilities practically immediately.

Data Center Outage

The data center where your cloud servers reside goes down.


Geo-redundancy is important when selecting a cloud phone vendor. Cloud phone system vendors should use multiple data centers with real-time replication located across the US in case of an outage at one location.

Power Outage

An extended power event occurs at your office building.


Battery backup solutions only last for so long. Connections to your PBX through a mobile app are a way to make and take business phone calls.

Network Congestion

Your internet connection experiences congestion.


A cloud phone provider should be programming Quality of Service components in to your PBX design. Advanced traffic shaping can be used in the event of major bandwidth constraints from the ISP or on your internal load. If utilizing a secondary ISP, load balancing traffic between the connections can be a helpful, possibly temporary, solution.

Hardware Failure

The gateway device encounters a hardware failure.


The system can determine uptime and re-route calls automatically to a pre-determined location such as landlines or other outside numbers. For high availability, a pre-configured duplicate of the gateway can sit idle until required.


Our hosted PBX does not use traditional phone lines. Instead, our voice service utilizes the internet to make and take calls. Recent offers a high-definition voice over internet protocol phone service designed for businesses.

HD Call Quality

If your numbers didn't move to your new service, it would be tough to make a change. Luckily, they do and our experts manage the entire process.

Phone Number Porting

Download the Hosted PBX mobile app for iOS or Android, enter your username and password, and all of a sudden you have the power of a desk phone in the palm of your hand. Learn more.

Mobile App

Who needs a desk phone? Turn your desktop computer or laptop into a unified communications interface. Windows and Mac applications available. Learn more.

Desktop Softphone

Robocalls aren't just ringing cell phones anymore and are targeting your enterprise. Combat SPAM callers with our sophisticated filtering service.

SPAM Filtering

Your team is in a CRM all day. Integration with the Hosted PBX can take your productivity, efficiency and customer experiences to new heights. Learn more.

CRM Integration

Unlike a call placed on hold, a parked call may be picked up at another extension.

Call Park

Differentiate your customer experience by enabling your business phone numbers to send and receive text messages. Learn more.

Business SMS

Voicemail to text transcribes your voice mail messages into SMS text messages on your mobile phone.

Voicemail to Text

The Hosted PBX will send an email to any email account. The message will include the date and time of the call, the duration, Caller ID, and an attached WAV file that can be played on your PC or mobile device.

Voicemail to Email

Establish rules and audibly distinguish between inbound calls by using different ring tones.

Distinctive Ring Tones

Web-based call control application that allows users to drag and drop calls to and from other extensions, parking lots or out of the Call Center queues. There is also access to voicemail and click-to-dial.

Attendant Console

Voicemail Transcription gives you the ability to read your voicemail rather than listening to the actual message.

Voicemail Transcription

Automatically activate the speakerphone of a single extension with intercom or use paging to send a mass notification through the phones. Paging using existing overhead speakers is also available.

Intercom & Paging

Customize the appearance of your outgoing Caller ID by outgoing number or extension. Enable inbound caller ID for visibility as calls present to your users.

Caller ID

“Black list” phone numbers to block them from calling your Hosted PBX.

Call Blocking

Host your conference calls with confidence through our simple and clear conference call service. Activate conference rooms and passwords for each user. Learn more.

Conference Bridge

Move your customer interactions to a more collaborative environment by using audio, video, screen share and chat functions.

Collaboration Bridge

Hosted PBX lets you instantly see the status of other users on your phone system and likewise allows your colleagues to see your status.

Call Presence

If agents are busy or unavailable, calls can be routed to an intelligent call queue. You can prioritize calls by value, request urgency or customizable rules.

Call Queues

Use features like listen-live, whisper and barge to help and coach your agents through difficult calls.

Call Coaching

Recordings can be enabled for individual or multiple users and can be downloaded or played back any time. The system can be configured to record all calls or enable the users to perform recordings on-demand.

Call Recording

Advanced call metrics give you deeper insights on the performance and operational efficiency of your call center with reports like abandon calls, average handle times and average time in queue. Learn more.

Advanced Call Metrics

Allows routing decisions based on time and date. Multiple schedules can be configured from departments with different hours of operation (e.g. business hours, after hours and holiday hours).

Time Frames

Upload custom music to play while callers are on hold or provide your callers with useful information or promotional messaging while in queue.

Custom Music on Hold

Hoteling is simply the ability to log into any phone on your system, and have your user profile and settings populated onto that device.


The Hosted PBX offers an easy to use web-based management portal for both administrators and everyday users to manage answering rules, time frames, holidays, etc.

Admin & User Portal

Traditional PBX systems are used to a night mode button to change the routing of their phone calls. Hosted PBX systems typically automate this with Time Frames, but for those who want control, we've got you covered.

Night Mode

Our system offers an application programming framework to allow other parties to obtain and pass information to our platform from other programs or systems.


Agent routing can be as simple or complex as you want. Some businesses choose to route calls to a group of agents, to agents that have been idle longest or perform skill-based agent routing.

Agent Routing

IVR is a technology that allows a computer to interact with humans through the use of voice and DTMF tones input via a keypad.


We're happy with the new service and options we've gotten through the upgrade from our prior service provider and the service team is responsive and helpful. I'd definitely recommend them!

Prior to switching to Recent Communications, we had a large national VoIP provider for our business phone solutions. The biggest difference we experience is the true partnership and immediate response to any questions or support needs we have. It helps that they are local too!

We are absolutely loving the new system. I appreciate how much your team has been helped me with this guys rock!

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