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With an Avaya IP Office you have total control of your environment, providing the agility your business demands.

The Avaya IP Office phone system allows for complete system control. You determine the up time required for your business, and we'll help you design and maintain it. Your changes and additions to the system happen instantly, not weeks waiting on an unresponsive service provider.

Our engineers manage all programming and implementation details in a collaborative manner with key personnel from multiple departments within your organization. The value of on site implementation and training cannot be overlooked. Like any technology product, it only goes as far as the individuals using it.


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Why use an Avaya phone system?

Control & Reliability. The system core equipment and licensing are controlled in your facility or facilities, and nobody cares about system up time like you do. The Avaya IP Office can be deployed in diverse environments, including High Availability options.

Flexibility. The Avaya IP Office can function using multiple carrier connections like landlines, PRIs and SIP trunking services offering the best results for each device on your voice network.

World Class Feature Set. Limitations do not exist with an Avaya IP Office, but peace of mind does. When you require a specific function, whether upon initial installation or 6 months after, you can be sure that an Avaya system will offer it.

Wire Diversity. The infrastructure of every business is different and it's not always fiscally responsible to spend thousands of dollars on new wiring. The Avaya IP Office can process any type of existing wiring without sacrificing function or features.

Avaya IP Office Platform Overview

Avaya IP Office Platform Overview

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The age of Voice over IP (VoIP) has become the new standard in telecom. The increasing advantages of connecting your phone system, such as the Avaya pbx system, to the internet is obvious, but that doesn't mean you're required to give up control of the system to a third-party. 

VoIP comes in many forms, and the Avaya pbx system is one of them. With SIP trunking, the IP Office can send your calls over the internet. This provides much of the savings you would recognize going to a 100% VoIP phones solution, without moving all of your equipment to an offsite data center while maintaining control and uptime.

Advantages of a Premise Based PBX

CARRIER VERSATILITY. Why would you need different types of dial tone service for your business? You may have services that require landline phone service such as lifeline systems, HVAC, security, etc. However, for a business that requires a High Availability solution, carrier redundancy is an important consideration. Similar to ISP failover, an HA environment should consider diversity in dial tone (SIP, PRI, POTS) to ensure your calls are always flowing. The IP Office can service multiple carriers at once, offering failover in the event of carrier downtime.

COST OF OWNERSHIP. By purchasing the equipment and licensing, your business can drastically reduce its telecommunications expense over time. This will depend on the businesses plan to keep the phone system in place, however, it is a great option for businesses that can properly forecast their technology needs over the life of the Avaya IP Office. With proper maintenance, an Avaya IP Office can last well beyond 15 years.

TOTAL CONTROL. Control of the phone system equipment is ideal for larger organizations that already have the infrastructure setup to host their own platform. Controlling simple tasks like re-routing phone numbers or adding extensions is something any organization can benefit from. However, you're not alone. Third party service agreements are available that will only increase uptime.

REDUCED FEATURE COSTS. Complexity equals cost, but it doesn't need to be excessive. If your feature requirements include technologies like Call Recording, Contact Center, Advanced or Custom Reporting, the IP Office offers this in a cost effective manner instead of expensive recurring user fees that can add up quickly on larger systems.