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Take your voice to the cloud.

Connecting your existing PBX system to the cloud is made easy with SIP Trunking. Is your peak traffic limited by your existing lines?  Not anymore. Virtually scale with unlimited capacity and save on costs by using the power of VoIP.

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What is SIP Trunking?

SIP Trunking is a mechanism that business phone systems use to make phone calls over an internet connection instead of POTS or PRI phone lines. This method enables businesses to maintain their PBX investment, but realize the cost savings and disaster recovery features of SIP Trunking.

Why use SIP Trunking for your

Business Phone System?

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Save money. SIP Trunking eliminates high monthly phone bills by right-sizing your voice needs as a business. If you still get charged for long distance fees or maintenance on your phone lines, SIP Trunks may be the solution for your business.

Reliability. Copper phone lines are a technology of the past, and phone service providers know it - which is why they no longer focus on them. An upgrade to SIP Trunking will help you avoid a major downtime event.

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Disaster Recovery. SIP Trunks utilize a virtual connection through your existing internet connection. If you internet goes down, the phone numbers will automatically re-route to a predetermined location. If you experience an outage on your POTS or PRI, contacting your phone service provider to manually re-route calls can be challenging and disruptive to your business.

Scalability. Never worry about the amount of phone lines your business requires again. Because SIP Trunks are virtual connections, it recognizes when you need more lines and will add them automatically without additional configuration.


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Session Initiated Protocol, also known as SIP, was developed to form real-time multimedia sessions between participants. 'Trunks' is a traditional telecom term which basically describes a group of phone lines. SIP Trunks connect to your premise PBX and replace existing PRI or POTS lines to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).

SIP Trunking High Availability and Disaster Recovery

One aspect that is normally overlooked during a SIP Trunking design is disaster recovery or business continuityIt doesn’t always have to be a natural disaster that could bring down your voice network. Simple hardware issues, ISP connectivity issues or a power event can bring down your SIP trunk or VoIP service. When it comes to SIP trunking, knowledge about DR strategies and solutions is limited.

SIP Trunking Disaster Situations and Recovery Strategies

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ISP Failure

The main internet connection goes down for a short or extended period of time.


Utilize a secondary ISP for automatic failover. If no secondary circuit is available, using landlines or employee's mobile devices is an economical backup.

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Natural Disaster

A natural occurrence disrupts business at your physical location.


Because SIP Trunks are delivered over the internet, the organization can be up and working in alternate facilities practically immediately.

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Network Congestion

Your internet connection experiences congestion.


A SIP Trunk vendor should be building Quality of Service components in to your SIP design. Advanced traffic shaping can be used in the event of major bandwidth constraints from the ISP or on your internal load. If utilizing a secondary ISP, load balancing SIP traffic between the connections can be a helpful, possibly temporary, solution.

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Data Center Outage

The data center where your SIP Trunk servers reside goes down.


Geo-redundancy is important when selecting a SIP vendor. SIP vendors should use multiple data centers located across the US in case of an outage at one location. If a major disaster hits the SIP vendor, it's ideal to have calls re-route to a different SIP vendor.

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Power Outage

An extended power event occurs at your office building.


Battery backup solutions only last for so long. Connections to your PBX through a mobile app are a way to make and take business phone calls. The SIP trunks can automatically be re-routed to this pre-configured solution

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Hardware Failure

The SIP Gateway device encounters a hardware failure.


The system can determine uptime and re-route calls automatically to a pre-determined location such as landlines or other outside numbers. For high availability, a pre-configured duplicate of the SIP Gateway can sit idle until required.

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We're here to educate you on how the benefits of

SIP Trunking can improve your business. 

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