Contact Center is an organization's frontline in the customer experience battleground.

The need for customer engagement has increased dramatically in a short amount of time. In the past, customers only had a phone call for real-time communication with businesses. A phone system with only voice capabilities was the only real requirement.


As customers' began to adopt text messaging, email, and chat, call centers needed a shift to offer those same channels to support their customers' communication options.

Why is it useful?

Organization efficiency while providing superior customer service can be a  challenge. Contact Center provides your agents with the detail about your customers all within one, user friendly interface. CRM integrations and data gathered through Integrated Voice Response calls flows to give your customer service agents useful and powerful information to achieve First Contact Resolutions.

As your business strives for a more efficient and pleasant customer engagement, contact center managers must understand enhancements for their callers and agents, while maintaining staffing levels accordingly. Contact Center provides admin tools for workforce management that empower managers with information and tools to eliminate requests for previously collected information and automate routine tasks.

How is it used?

Businesses can engage customers through the Contact center in a number of ways, the most common being customer service, outbound sales, tech support, and transactional ordering.


Contact Center can be designed for a small call center with only voice interactions, or as an omni-channel call center integrating voice, web chat, SMS, email, IVR, CRM integration, and more. Contact Center can scale from 10 to 1000+ agents, with any or all of the features designed for the ultimate experience your customers deserve. In short, it can be designed to be used in any way that best supports your business and future engagement initiatives.

Every client or customer interaction with your business should be personalized, but how do you get there?


We're here to educate you on how the benefits of a contact center from a local provider can improve your business. 

A cookie cutter is great for cookies...

...not for Contact Centers. There are many reasons regional telecom companies still exist. One, very clear, factor is the level of customization and support you receive. Contact Center is not an application that can be rolled out without understanding your business functions and how it relates to the customer and agent experience.


Our engineers are part of the Contact Center evaluation process from your initial conversations in order to understand your specific requirements. Without the experts involved, how can you be sure you're getting what you need?

Often times this is the most overlooked step in the Contact Center process. We include our engineers on the very first conversations to make sure what you need matches what you're buying.

Strategic and detailed planning with multiple departments is not optional. This is an absolute requirement if seamless deployment is part of your plan.

Recent dedicates multiple engineers to every Contact Center implementation in order to ensure a smooth and accelerated deployment for minimal business disruption.

A key component to user adoption and comfortability is the ability to train supervisors and agents until they are experts in their own application. We work with your team as long as it takes without additional costs. 

Successful design and deployment are crucial, but business needs can (and should) change over time and you need a company that will be there for you. You're not our customer, you're our partner.

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