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Your staff is mobile.

Your phone system should be too. With mobile solutions, your employees can take their PBX functionality with them in the form mobile apps and softphones available on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac or even your web browser.

When key employees are out of touch, even for a few moments, important decisions get delayed. Customer needs go unmet. Sales are lost. Our mobility & SMS solutions give employees the communications capabilities needed to keep them connected and ready to do business anywhere... at any time, with the device of their choice.

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Your employees are mobile even if your business isn't.

So, why is it important to enable mobility?

Productivity. Respond to virtually any business need even when you aren’t at your desk. It makes people more productive – they can keep doing their job without having to hunt down a desk phone.

Customer Service. Salespeople can be out on a selling floor and still make and take business calls, check messages, return important calls, and serve customers. How much would a missed sale cost your business?

Management. Managers and supervisors can constantly move around – provide coaching, solve problems and offer their support without missing important calls.

Expertise. People with specialized skills – doctors, IT professionals, designers, engineers – need to be where the action is – and that’s not necessarily at their desks. Mobility solutions help keep the experts in the loop.

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Are your customers trying to text you?

Text messaging has become one the biggest communication functions in the world. So, it's safe to say that some of your customers or prospective clients are already trying to send an SMS to your business phone number.

With business text messaging you can send unlimited SMS & MMS messages to customers and colleagues. Who receives the messages is controlled by you or your administrator, while users control whether to receive and respond on their mobile or desktop. And never miss an opportunity for a quick response with desktop and push notifications activated.


Appointments & Reminders

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Marketing & Promotion

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Personal Connections

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Provide your employees with the collaboration tools to become aggressively more productive than your competition. Features like extension dialing, hunt groups, instant messaging, presence, voicemail, video meetings and screen sharing integrated to a single interface are available from virtually any device.

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Maintain privacy for your staff and professionalism for your business by making and taking calls from the office phone number. Easily transfer those calls to another extension, send directly to voicemail or a queue, record the call or conference another party. The functionality you've experienced with a desk phone is reproduced in this Unified Communications client.

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Schedule or instantly conduct a video call with one or many participants within or outside of your organization. Share your screen for easy collaboration with chat box and file share availability. The best part? No downloads required.



View, listen, manage and share your voicemails all from the same screen. Access and manage your voicemail greeting(s) with quick access and transcribe your voicemails as they arrive instead of listening to the audio.

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Start one-to-one or group chats with a click of a button from the chat box or directly from your contacts. Receive and reply to business text messages with customers or colleagues all within the same interface. Even send and receive emojis of you choice!

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All company and PBX contacts are centrally located within the interface. See user's presence and availability and start a call, chat or video with one click. Users can manage, add and edit their own contacts if they desire and create a favorites list for quick access to frequent callers.

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Seamlessly reach busy staff through one phone number that rings an enabled mobile app automatically. Push notifications keep you informed and visually distinguish between work and personal calls.

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We're here to educate you on how the benefits of mobility and SMS can improve your business. 

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