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FAQ: What Happens If My Internet Goes Out with VoIP?

Updated: Jan 17, 2020


Since VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) needs a quality internet connection in order to operate the phone system and service, this is one of the main questions asked by businesses when considering making the switch from traditional phone lines.

There are actually more options when it comes to VoIP than traditional copper phone lines as it relates to outages or potential loss of connectivity. These options include routing incoming calls to:

  1. Secondary internet connection

  2. Cell phones

  3. Back-up land/fax line

  4. Automated attendant

With VoIP, the recommendation is to have at least 20MB upload speeds with a quality internet connection, but depending on where your business is located and the internet services available, the bandwidth may need to be higher.

Not every business is a candidate for VoIP phone solutions. Working with a full-service telecom company will evaluate and design optimal phone solution options.

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