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Yealink Phones: Your Complete Guide

Yealink is becoming a very well known business in the VoIP industry, and for good reason - they offer cutting edge telecom technology at an affordable price. Here at Recent Communications, we prefer Yealink phones whenever we are rolling out a new cloud-based system. They offer many different phone models at different prices - this allows us to find the best phone solution to fit our customer’s business’ needs and budget.

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Yealink phones offer many features others don’t (built in wifi and bluetooth, built in company directory, etc) which is what puts them at the top of the VoIP charts. They are based out of China, and have been around since 2001. It only took Yealink 9 years to rise to the top of the Chinese VoIP business industry - the business made waves by achieving this task in 2010. They did not stop growing there; yealink is currently ranked #1 in the SIP phone business industry. The business aims to become the industry leader of Unified Communications (UC). Unified Communications is simply the ability to use whichever device you like for your VoIP services- the freedom to switch between your cell phone, computer, and desk phone is a great feature to have in the modern day.

The success behind Yealink is their top of the line desk phone models. They offer many different models, ranging from inexpensive but still efficient to sophisticated phones that use an Android operating system and have full touch screens. These options are great; they allow a business to make decisions based on whether they have a smaller business or a larger business. In this guide we will take a look at some of the different phone models, starting from the more basic model, the T53, and ending with the more extravagant models, such as VP59. Note that all of the phones mentioned in this guide have POE (power of ethernet) functionality. They all have built in Wifi and Bluetooth, and all of their screens are backlit.

Yealink Desk Phones

Yealink T53W

yealink t53w

The T53 is one of the most common desk phones that is used for businesses around the world. This phone is more of an entry level device - it’s mostly utilized for smaller businesses. It offers a compact size while still boasting high quality audio and many great built in features. The phone is fitted with a 3.7” LCD screen that runs at a resolution of 360 x 160. It has 21 programmable buttons that can be setup as a speed dial, a BLF, or a plethora of other things.

Yealink T54W

yealink t54w

While the T53 is great for the average employee, the T54 model is a step up that is better suited for managers or business administrators. The model T54 is an exemplary phone for anyone that has medium to heavy call flow on a regular basis. The phone has a full color display, a 4.3” screen, and offers a higher resolution than the T53 at 480 x 272. The T54 has 27 total programmable keys - these extra keys will come in handle for anyone with a lot of calls coming in.

Yealink T58A

yealink t58a

The T58A model brings a modern feel to the standard office desk phone. It has a bigger screen than the previously mentioned models. This phone utilizes a 7” inch touch screen, which makes navigating the phone a breeze. There is an optional attachable camera that is purchasable with this phone - the camera records at 720p, which is similar to the average webcam. The T58A has two USB ports instead of one - this allows for more space for call recording. Just like the T54, the T58A has 27 programmable buttons. The T58A has door phone functionality - this means the phone can connect to a door phone’s camera and monitor what is going on. Another great door phone feature is the ability to open a locked door with the press of a single button on the phone.

Most phones allow for built in 3 way conference calls - the T58A has the ability to have 5 different users on a single call. The phone runs off of an Android operating system (android 5.1), similar to most android smartphones. Having a legitimate operating system on your desk phone will do wonders for productivity - whether you’re simply navigating the phone, or using it for Zoom conference calls, the T58A is great for those who are interested in implementing modern technologies into their everyday business life.

Yealink T55A & VP59 (Microsoft Teams)

yealink t55a

The Yealink T55A Teams phone features a 4.3-inch capacitive touch screen and comes embedded with the native Teams application. The easy-to-use operations like the familiar Teams interface, CAP functions match with the needs of users in front desks and common areas, delivering a consistent call and Teams meeting. With the USB port for USB headsets and Bluetooth dongle, The T55A facilitates Teams collaboration with more flexibility. Check out this complete datasheet for the Yealink T55A technical specifications.

yealink vp59

The VP59 is the titan of the Yealink phone series. This phone is one of the top phones Yealink’s business has to offer. The phone boasts a massive 8” screen, with a screen resolution that is comparable to some computers (1280 x 800). It shares some features with the T58A - the VP59 also has two USB ports, 27 programmable buttons and offers 5 party conference calls. It also uses an Android operating system - however, instead of Android 5.1, the VP59 uses Android 7.1 The VP59 is also equipped with a camera - however, instead of recording in 720p like the T58A, the VP59 records at 1080p in HD.

This will provide crystal clear video when using the phone for video conference calls. This phone is equipped with a HD handset - this handset provides superior audio quality for the user. The thing that really sets the VP59 apart is all of the great video features it offers. This phone has built in 3 party video conferencing without the need of an app - this makes it nice and simple to start a video call with a coworker. The phone also has an HDMI output on the back of it - this can be used to display the video on an external monitor. The VP59 truly has all of the features necessary to have a full office experience on your desk phone.

Click here for a full list of Yealink voice solutions that integrate with Microsoft Teams.

Expansion Modules

Expansion modules are devices that attach to the right side of the phone and allow for more programmable buttons. These modules are very important for secretaires or office managers - they help maintain and navigate call flow throughout the phone system.

Yealink has a great expansion module that can be attached to their phones- the EXP50. This module adds an additional 60 buttons that can be used for things like speed dial or BLFs. Expansion modules are a must have for receptionists - their jobs can get very chaotic without one!

Yealink Conference Phones

In today’s fast paced business world, it is almost a necessity to be able to be flexible with your communication options with employees. Often times in small and large businesses we find ourselves having to talk through multiple layers of business throughout the day. Yealink understands the ever-growing need for conferencing and therefore continues to strive to grow its conference phone selection and capabilities. With a low profile and spatial relation in their microphones Yealink conference phones have a strong ability to allow those on the call to be clearly heard and have a voice in the discussion. This aspect can be crucial in conference calls with a large number of employees who have specific information to share. Current Yealink customers have pointed out the crystal-clear sound during high pressure conference calls.

Next in this guide we'll be discussing conference phones. Conference phones are great tools to use in an environment where multiple people will be on a single call. Conference phones can be crucial when there are multiple large groups of people who need to collaborate - using a normal desk phone on speaker mode will limit the quality of the phone call. Yealink’s conference phones offer power microphones and speakers to make sure every call sounds great.


While the CP920 is the entry level device for Yealink’s conference phones, this model still boasts many modern features. The phone has a 3.1” touch screen, which makes it very easy to navigate. The CP920 is equipped with a high end microphone and three high quality speakers that deliver an HD audio stream. This phone requires an ethernet connection, and has a usb port for call recording. The CP920 is a great conference phone for smaller businesses, and should be used in a small to medium conference room environment. There is another conference phone model that is extremely similar to the CP920, but boasts one huge difference - the CP930 is a fully wireless conference phone that has a battery life of more than 24 hours. Having the wireless capability makes for a very easy installation - just charge the CP930 and you’re ready for your conference call!


The CP960 truly pushes the limits on a conference phone’s capabilities. This phone has a 5” multi-touch screen with a 1280 x 720 resolution. The phone also runs on Android 5.1, giving it the ability to download external apps. There are two USB ports on the back of this phone, which allow it to have more recording time than a single USB port. The CP960 implements a 3 microphone array - this setup can cover up to 20 feet in a full 360 degree angle. Additionally, if that does not meet the conference room requirements, there are modular wireless microphones that can be installed to cover ever more space. The CP960 is a great conference phone for medium to large businesses that have large conference rooms with many people in attendance.

Yealink Accessories

Yealink offers many accessories that compliment their phones in different ways. All of their phones have built in PoE functionality; however, if a PoE switch isn’t being utilized, Yealink offers a PoE adapter that will power the phone. The device essentially connects two ethernet cables (one from the switch and one from the phone) and adds PoE functionality in the process. If an ethernet cable is not readily available, or the business plans on using WiFi for their desk phone, Yealink also offers a power supply for their phones. These power supplies will provide power to the phone, however do not provide any type of connection to the internet.

While Yealink’s phones are compatible with many different types of headsets, Yealink does have their own model headset they recommend using. The YHS33 headset is very easy to use - you simply plug it into the back of the phone and it’s ready for use. It was designed with an ergonomic perspective to make sure the user is comfortable using the headset all day. This headset has noise cancelling technology inside of the microphone which allows for crisper and clearer audio.

Yealink being of the most popular brands in the office phone system market is only one of the many reasons your business should consider them. Their high-quality phones are low-priced; however, they exceed expectations. No matter which installation method you choose, Yealink phones will offer stability and functionality. Yealink is an ideal option for enhancing communications and increasing employee productivity. Yealink IP phones deliver excellent audio and video quality, as well as highly customizable systems for every user. Any business, small or large, will benefit from upgrading to Yealink.

This concludes our brief guide on Yealink phone models and equipment. Thank you for reading, and we at Recent Communications hope this has provided helpful information for you if you are thinking about purchasing or updating a VoIP phone system for your business!


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