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10 Signs It's Time To Upgrade Your Phone System

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

As we help organizations evaluate if their current telecom and communications solutions are supporting their business, people, and technology goals, we have seen some fossils from the Mesozoic Era.

Of course, any established organization will have some sort of phone system and published phone numbers as part of their monthly telephone bill, but are these tools living on the edge of extinction?

dinosaur cartoon

Check out 10 signs it may be time to upgrade your business phone system:

1. You must drive to your office to check for the red light to see if you have any voicemails

2. You can no longer see the names or extensions on the paper speed dial labels

3. You need to restart the system every day, week, or month and know that one of these days its going to go

4. The manufacturer has stopped producing any new system hardware or software

5. The technicians that can troubleshoot the system are few and far between

6. If there is unexpected bad weather, someone needs to risk their life to get to the office and forward phone calls

7. You must use your desk phone to make and take calls with your business extension or direct number

8. You may be missing phone calls because the system has limited phone line capacity

9. When the phone rings, you have no idea who is calling because caller ID is not available

10. The plastic box on your desk is the only way to make and take phone calls- Forget working from home

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