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3 Ways Phone Numbers Can Improve Your Next Marketing Campaign

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

There are so many creative and targeted ways to drive awareness to your business through marketing tactics and campaigns. When it comes to using phone numbers as part of a marketing campaign, businesses can assign temporary or customized phone numbers to track the success or participation of a program.

Check out the Corona Extra Gameday Hotline campaign featuring Tony Romo. This campaign is in it's third year encouraging fans to call the Corona Hotline at 1-844-9-Corona for gameday predictions, fantasy advice and more. Their most recent TV commercial features the customized 1-844-9-Corona phone number. This temporary phone number will allow Corona to track participation and gauge the reach and success of the program.

Corona hotline

Check out this Forbes article quoting the VP of Brand Marketing as she cites key call statistics which are helping Corona understand what success of the campaign looks like.

“What stood out to us as a brand from last year was the fan excitement to participate with Tony operating the Hotline,” says Legan. “We saw a 60-percent call increase and a 201% increase in sweepstakes entries last year versus 2017. The year-over-year increases show how we’re resonating with the fans and we’re excited to see what happens this season as folks continue to find their Gameday Beach!”

Here are 3 examples of how companies are strategically utilizing phone numbers to support their marketing and business goals.

  1. Temporary phone numbers featured in marketing messages via social media, website, or print to track participation and response rates

  2. Feature phone numbers on signage with in-market area codes to support a local presence

  3. Assign temporary phone numbers for customer initiatives like quarterly employee satisfaction surveys

Whether a global, national, regional, or local business, phone numbers can be used to elevate and track marketing efforts.

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