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5 Phone Solution Features to Support Work-Life Balance

Updated: Jan 17

Each year, the lists of ‘Best Places to Work’ are featured in local, regional, and national publications. A common element of being named a Best Place to Work is empowering employees with work-life balance initiatives.

With this employee benefit comes the business challenge of maintaining high levels of productivity and streamlined operations.

Research shows that companies who invest in technology that allow their employees the flexibility to work remotely, see productivity rise by almost 20%.

Check out 5 common phone solution features that can support increased productivity and streamline operations for organizations offering remote working options.


Mobile apps allow employees to make and take phone calls with business phone numbers and extensions using personal or company provided cell phones.


PC-based softphones turn laptops into business phones with complete functionality as if sitting in the office without additional hardware.


Ability to add direct 10-digit business phone numbers to route calls directly to remote staff. In-market telephone numbers can allow remote staff to act as if they are sitting at the main office.


Seamlessly route internal team and client calls with extension dialing to allow remote staff to be included in the phone system as if they are sitting at the office.


Audio conference calling bridges and web conferencing tools with video and screen share enhance collaboration with remote teams and clients.

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