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Checklist: Setting Up Phones in Your New Office

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

New year, new office? For growing organizations, the 'where' you work must support talent acquisition and employee engagement goals.

Whether a new location or a renovated space overflowing with the latest workplace trends, having a communications plan will help minimize downtime before, during, and after the office move. It's also a great time to ensure technology is fueling growth goals with a complete communications review.

New office space

Prepare for any upcoming office space changes with this communications checklist.

1. Perform a site assessment at the new space to ensure all network and cabling can support how your team will connect to internet and phone services.

2. Evaluate if the features and capabilities of the current telephone system will support organizational changes, internal and external communication strategies, remote working options, and goals supported by the office move.

3. Perform an inventory review of all telecom equipment including desk phones, headsets, common area or cordless phones, and conference phones. Determine plans to maintain, upgrade, or reduce hardware with the office move.

4. Decide if the existing system will move to the new space or if other options better support operational, financial, and technology goals including updated premise-based systems, cloud-based systems, softphone-only systems, or hybrid solutions.

5. Evaluate existing monthly telephone and fax service capabilities (number of lines, phone numbers, usage, compliance, etc.), quality of service (static, dropped calls, outages, etc.), and overall spending especially if you have traditional service including POTS/Analog, PRI, or T1.

6. Contact telecom vendor and internet providers 3-6 months prior to the planned move date to evaluate options and ensure all services and systems will be ready to use.

7. Collaborate with existing telecom vendor to develop plans for temporary call routing options during the office move or renovation to ensure clients and vendors can reach your organization. Discuss options to provide staff with communications tools to seamlessly work remotely during a move or renovation. This may include integrating mobile phones, answering services, routing calls to other office locations, or softphones.

Know a business or organization that could benefit from understanding how proper technology preparation can assist the office-moving process? Let them know about our local, full-service telecom company at Recent Communications, Inc.

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