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How To Compare VoIP Options

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

When it comes to prices offered for VoIP phone solutions with national providers, these companies advertise bundled, one-size-fits-all packages at times shown as ‘$19.95 per person/seat.’ If your business is in need of less than 5 phones, these providers may be the most cost-effective option if simply basing your decision on the monthly VoIP service price.

Comparing VoIP options

While bundled and ‘unlimited’ pricing may make sense for phone-intense businesses like call centers, there continues to be a reduction in the amount of time spent on the phone across all industries. Let’s face it, customers want to use other forms of communication to reach businesses including email, social media, and website messaging/chat.

With businesses using phones less to communicate, there is an opportunity to customize the number of phone lines and minutes to ensure spending for monthly phone service supports how the business is actually using the phones versus paying for ‘unlimited’ bundled service. Working with a local telecom partner can allow the option to customize your monthly service elements (phone lines and minute usage) to pay for what is actually needed.

Now let’s talk about the dollar value that you put on immediate support, personal service, and 24/7 response as these elements are not part of that advertised ‘$19.95 per person/seat’ deal. Let’s see if this experience rings a bell….

  • You have an issue with your phone system or phone service so you call into a 1-800 number to reach one of the many call center agents.

  • You are then put on-hold, but it’s okay because there is calming elevator music playing while you wait.

  • After some time, the agent comes back on the line and tells you that they will need to transfer you to a different department.

  • Then, you are put back on-hold while that call center agent completes a service ticket.

  • All the while, potential new clients and existing customers are attempting to call your business and the phone lines are down.

Sound familiar?

Because many national VoIP providers do not offer customized programming and deep discussion on “what happens if” scenarios, the phone system most likely does not have automated failover options in place if the internet or other networks are down to ensure inbound calls are re-routed.

While all businesses are and should be cost-conscious, it’s critical to understand the service and support of the provider once you are sold on that low price for a critical revenue tool like your phone solutions.

Know a business or organization that could benefit from understanding VoIP flexibility? Let them know about our local, full-service telecom company at Recent Communications, Inc.

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