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How Much Can Switching to VoIP Save Your Business?

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

Cost savings

If your business currently has a provider that offers bundled traditional phone service, TV, and internet, it’s challenging to pull out the costs of the phone lines, usage, and service. National providers look to provide "bundled' pricing offering promotions and deals to lock in more than one product they offer.

Looking at the costs of traditional phone service vs. VoIP phone service, you really are not comparing apples to apples. Part of the monthly phone service with VoIP includes ‘extensions’ or ‘seats’ which are required in order to allow the phone system to actually operate. Features like voicemail, transferring calls, or simply putting a call on-hold must access data centers since the physical server or control unit of the phone system is housed off-site or “in the cloud.” The cost to access these data centers are part of your monthly phone service with a VoIP solution.

If you currently have a phone system that is on-premise (equipment for the phone system is in your network closet or somewhere in your office) and you once paid for the phone system equipment years ago, there would not a monthly fee to make the features and system operate. In this case, you are only paying for service as part of your monthly phone bill.

Depending on your operations, how often your team uses the phones, and current spending to maintain an older phone system, moving to a VoIP phone solution could be a perfect fit for your business.

All to say, cost savings with VoIP phone service is not always the case, but until you review with a telecom expert, you never know!

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