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How To Get the Most From Your Business Phone Numbers

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

99% of the time, businesses can keep their existing local and toll free telephone numbers. It’s rare to not be able to port (move) telephone numbers, but it's key to confirm with your new VoIP provider that any and all business numbers can be moved before signing any agreements.

Along with keeping any existing local and toll free business telephone numbers, there are reasons to add new phone numbers allowing for enhanced operations, increased revenue opportunities, and improved client experiences.

business phone numbers

Check out 4 opportunities where adding new phone numbers may benefit your business goals:

1. Give employees direct 10 digit phone numbers versus handing out personal cell phone numbers or filtering calls through the receptionist

2. If a company operates in different cities or states, phone numbers with in-market area codes can support a local presence even if calls are routed back to a main office

3. Company opening new offices that need local or toll free numbers

4. Determining the success of targeted marketing tactics by assigning different phone numbers to track response rates

According to research from Software Advice, people are 4x’s more likely to answer calls from local numbers rather than out of state or toll free.

Graph measuring phone calls

Know a business or organization that could benefit from understanding the opportunities that come with adding and customizing business phone numbers? Let them know about our local, full-service telecom company at Recent Communications, Inc.

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1 comment

1 Comment

Sep 04, 2019

this is amazing.we can port our number to use it with VoIP.i kept my office phone number while switching to VoIP.



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