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PODCAST: Communications Solutions for Businesses

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

At Recent Communications, we are all about educating businesses and organizations on how to best leverage the power of phone and communications solutions especially now that we're officially in a new decade.

Check out one of our Managing Partners and Director of Marketing and Business Development, Charlotte Conroy, on a recent episode of the Self Made Strategies Podcast.

cloud phone podcast

Listen to the Self Made Strategies Podcast as Charlotte talks about:

  • Who is Recent Communications, Inc. and how are they different than other telecom companies

  • Best practices for developing a phone and communications system for a growing business 

  • The pitfalls to avoid when building your communications and remote work systems; as well as issues to consider, and how we ensure that the user’s experience is consistent

  • How to evaluate your current marketing solutions and educate your strategic partners on how your solutions might best support business operations, people strategies, and technology goals

Know a business or organization that could benefit from understanding the benefits of reviewing the current phone system, software, service, and support with a regional full-service telecom company?

Help out a friend, business partner, customer, vendor, or colleague and tag them in this post!

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