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What VoIP Providers Don't Talk About

Updated: Jan 17, 2020


When it comes to moving to a VoIP phone solution, there needs to be a complete understanding that in order for these cloud-based IP phone systems to operate, there are two elements:

  1. IP phone and network equipment

  2. Monthly VoIP phone service

For this question, we will focus on the IP phones and get to the monthly service at another time. With regard to VoIP or IP phones, there are many options when it comes to style and functionality. For instance, your team may have a need for a mixture of desk, conference, cordless, and softphones. Your team may also benefit from allowing employees to use cell phones to act as extensions off of the phone system which could reduce or eliminate the need for additional hardware.

With so many manufacturers offering IP phone equipment (Polycom, Cisco, Aestra, Yealink, Grandstream, Panasonic, etc.), the cost of IP phones can range from $75.00 each for a basic grey-scale minimal button phone up to $350.00 each for LCD color touchscreen and multiple programmable button phones.

Customized phone solutions

Many national providers will either have you pay up-front for the equipment and installation or they will add those costs into the monthly service payment. If the IP phones and equipment are included in your monthly VoIP service pricing, you are basically renting the hardware. Meaning, after your contract ends or you realize there are other local options for enhanced service and support (Hint: Learn more about our local team and Recent Communications, Inc.), you will give back that equipment.

When it comes to financing options, our local team at Recent Communications partners with qualified companies to offer flexible financing options to purchase, lease, or lease-to-own the equipment to support budgets and cash flow. We can also include the installation, programming, and training costs into these financing options to allow companies to move to a new phone system with flexible VoIP service and local ongoing support for ZERO up-front costs.

Sounds exciting, right?

Know a business or organization that could benefit from better understanding the switch to VoIP? Let them know about our local, full-service telecom company at Recent Communications, Inc.

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