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Your Complete Guide to Business Phone Systems

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

When it comes to business phone systems, there are many types, styles, and brands to choose from especially when working with a full-service telecom company.

Whether looking at phone solutions for a school, law firm, healthcare office, retail shop, or mixed-use manufacturing facility, there are many ways to create the perfect mix of phone solutions that may or may not include physical hardware.

Business phone systems

There are a three elements to consider when evaluating the best phone system fit for an organization including type of phone system, style of hardware, and manufacturers or brands.


Types of business phone systems include on-premise PBX, cloud-based or hosted PBX, or a hybrid of the two. Across these system options, the physical phone styles include IP or SIP (internet-based), digital, or analog.


Depending on how and where phones will be used and who will be using them, there are many different styles and features of phone hardware.

Here are several examples to showcase how organizations can integrate phone style options to support their people and operations:

  • Office Employee: Traditional desk phone with grey-scale or color screen with basic features for user-friendly call handling.

  • Administrative/Receptionist: Traditional desk phone with add-on hardware or web-based software to allow complete visibility of all phone extensions, active calls, and steps to make simple call transfers.

  • Conference Rooms: Conference phones with expanded speakers allowing many team members in a room to collaborate on a call with clear and quality sound.

  • Common Areas: Basic phones for walk up use located in common areas like lobbies, kitchens, patient rooms, classrooms, and manufacturing floors.

  • Warehouse: Cordless phones or basic wall mounted phones for simple walk-up use. Ability to integrate overhead paging systems and cordless hand-held phones.

  • C-Suite Executives: High-end color touchscreen desk phones integrating with mobile apps and PC-based softphones to manage business calls on-the-go.

  • Sales Teams and Road Warriors: Basic desk phones integrating with mobile apps and PC-based softphones to manage business calls on-the-go.

  • Remote Employees: Mobile apps connected to cell phones and PC-based softphones to manage business calls as if sitting in the office.

  • Seasonal or Field Employees: No hardware, just a virtual mailbox to include employee or department in a call directory and allow access to voicemail. Options to connect cell phones.


If working with a full-service telecom company, they have access to design phone solutions integrating many different manufacturers of systems and hardware. Here are a few key players:

Remember, customization is key when it comes to phone solutions.

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